Friday, January 05, 2007

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This is a post I've meant to write for sometime. I forget how I first came across Zeyad and his blog Healing Iraq, but I immediately stuck him in my Bloglines. I was interested in hearing from an actual honest to god Iraqi because I know that the news we get in the US, regardless of the source, is going to be somewhat skewed. Even when we get news that doesn't have a bias toward a political party, I have to assume that we in the US still aren't getting a real picture of what life in Iraq is really like right now.

His stories don't all involve the hell that certain areas are seeing, though one can easily find those stories in some of his links. More than anything, and most importantly for me, it's a window into a world that so many of us will never see, but decisions supposedly made on our behalf and by our president are having a profound and often horrible impact on many people.

Every time I read a new post I think that I really need to try to share this guy's blog. It's not like I get many hits or can share this with a noticeable audience, but all things considered, it can't hurt for more of us in the US to know the truth.

It's definitely worth clicking over. Give yourself the time to peruse the site, though I'd warn against getting into the comments. Too often they are the same few people arguing back and forth, each one convinced that his or her narrow view of the situation is the only right one. I suppose the comment section may be a good example of the kind of problems that are festering in Iraq but with electrons instead of guns.

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