Sunday, January 14, 2007

that god guy

A website I found earlier tonight has had me immersed in stories of gods for the majority of the evening. One thing it's done it cause me to consider another of my reasons for disbelief. has a lovely database of gods one can choose from should one be in the market, but more than that it demonstrates the vast number of one-true-faiths.

Why should I believe any more in the holy trinity I was raised on than I should the Chinese people's monkey god, Sun Wukong? Truth be told, I like monkey a lot more than the others. It's not just his hip irreverence in the face of all the real gods who hadn't tricked their way to the top, but there's a certain something about him.

Christianity grew out of the religions around at the time, and it grew a couple of different directions assuming we only discuss catholics and protestants. The muslims have their very own version, and when we finally inhabit the new world we get Joseph Smith and more, starting new versions of the old.

In the end, we end up with a bunch of crazy myths. They all have the same amount of validity when viewed from a removed point of view. Deep in their depths they can have a certain hold on a random human while equally equal random other human believes something else entirely. And everyone clings their one-true-faith viewing those believers otherwise as somehow misguided, wrong or possibly even evil. All the while they forget that what makes other people's beliefs look odd/skewed/weird/crazy can also be applied to their own system.

Really, the end part, don't get so high and mighty or monkey might come down on his cloud and smite you with his iron rod. Seriously smite your ass sideways.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you, Sam, but my White Tara could kick your Sun Wukong's money ASS!

samuel said...

Sorry is right, if you think a goddess of compassion has anything on Sun Wukong. It's understandable to want your deity of choice to be able to hold their own, but from what my meager internet searching has taught me is that Tara's great claim to fame would be meditation. Sun Wukong on the other hand makes a singular point sometimes of just kicking ass. White Tara may out-compassion Monkey, but I'd say in an actual fight, she's going down.