Wednesday, January 03, 2007

two boys eating

Here are more pictures, playing with the camera and showing off my kids. Momma makes sushi for a living, so it's only natural that our boys have been eating sushi for quite a while. I personally don't care for most sushi. I don't like the seaweed at all, and I have some texture issues with most raw fish even though I can enjoy the flavor of a lot of it. I've always been a little iffy with fish/seafood, so it's no surprise that I'd be even more iffy about the sushi.

So far we haven't found any sushi that the boys will not eat. Big Brother's favorite seems to be the spider roll which is made with a fried whole soft shell crab. They were both disappointed when, after thinking they were getting oysters for New Year's Eve, they learned that the oysters hadn't come in. When asked for suggestions, Big Brother usually chooses the spider roll as well as octopus sashimi. They had those for NYE as well as eel and possibly some squid sashimi. I will eat the squid, though I need it to be cooked.

I'm not quite sure what all is on the plate in the picture. There are two different kinds of seaweed salad, possibly some of the spider roll as well as a house roll containing a fried shrimp and topped with roe. Yes, the boys both enjoy fish roe. The one time I tried roe I had to spit it out and scrape my tongue before dry heaving for a while. Big Brother's sushi glasses I'm pretty sure are a tuna maki with green onions and sesame seeds. The Boy is posing with ginger hanging out of his mouth. You can't show some kids a camera without them showing you their best side.

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