Monday, February 05, 2007

critter pile

What is this? Big Brother is carefully crafting a pile of critters.

It looks like a simple critter pile to me.

But wait! What's this? Is there a live monkey in there somewhere?

Feel free to ignore the carpet's pitiful stain dotted self. The camera can never do justice to the true speckling of stains. We could, over the course of the carpet's ruination, have been more diligent at spill removal and stain prevention, but so many of these spots are mystery stains.

When Momma's grandparents lived here, this same carpet was a lovely light gray, or so it always appeared to me. It was never intended to be a carpet that children grew up on and shows what a few short years can do to a once respectable textile.

And there's today's lesson, how to turn an innocent and delightful foray into childhood into a quarter cup of self hate and carpet degeneration. I'm putting off the self hating foray into minor plumbing repair until that job is done, but believe me, it's coming.

1 comment:

kimzyn said...

Yeah, it looks just like our carpet, which I think once was blue. And I cleaned up too much cat puke off of today.
But that is one cute happy kid covered in stuffed creatures.