Sunday, February 11, 2007

el presidente

As we look to the upcoming presidential election, we are facing new choices in viable options for a president. I don't want to imagine the scenario that sees another republican president the next chance we get to choose a president, so we sensibly look to the left side for our options.

Currently, we have a few democratic offerings, the two most noticeable being Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. For our two standout candidates we have a black man and a woman. Hillary of course is white, but I'd argue that in America, any black or white woman has a better chance at becoming president than a black man. I wish that it didn't matter, but I'm afraid too many people may still allow race and gender to play some role in their vote, even if they try to pretend that it's subconscious.

I'd personally give my vote to both of them if the election were tomorrow. It's past time for the US to have one or the other. Shit, if Texas can have a woman as a governor, surely we can have someone that isn't a white guy as president.

I'm not saying I have a problem with white guys. I happen to be one. I don't especially care that the president is or isn't one thing or another so much as that it just really is time to get a good president. The democrats need to run the best candidate, not the guy most likely to swing enough votes, but I'm afraid they'll fucking John Kerrey us again, that horse faced fuck.

The sooner we elect a president, that is either black or a woman, people will maybe figure out that it's okay, and soon, maybe we can approach real equality. Satan and turrist didn't come out from under our beds and gay us or kill us with evil, and Mexicans didn't climb our fences in the night to steal our chickens, so maybe people with skin tones in all varieties of shades might get to where they are holding political office.

I suppose I wasn't quite honest before, because chances are Hillary has one secret weapon that no one else can hope to equal. In the end, fuck the other candidates. I want Bill Clinton back. That he'd be the first lady might just make me vote Hillary in the end, above and beyond anything she and any other candidate might have to say.

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trish said...

First, love your blog!

Second, if Bill Clinton was running for President tomorrow, I'd vote for him in a second. Actually, after reading Hillary's autobiography, I have a lot of esteem for her too.