Tuesday, February 13, 2007

gotta start somewhere

Quoting from a recently viewed commercial.
"Samuel Adams Boston Lager is not a beginner's beer."

And the first thought to flit across my mind in answer is, "The fuck it's not!"

I try to keep a certain appreciation for Sam Adams beer, and there are plenty of times when I've been grateful to find that at least they have Sam Adams, "they" being whichever bar/restaurant/store I happen to be purchasing in that doesn't have actual good beer.

Sam Adams and equally Newcastle Brown Ale were the beers that introduced me to a higher standard and were, for me, a stepping stone to a better appreciation of better beers. As I've come to drink better beer, I find that those beginner beers just don't reach the quality standard I've come to appreciate.

Furthermore, I must point out that I've come to dislike most lagers. Most big American beers are lagers, a style that, at its best, just doesn't stand up to the ales. So even at it's best Sam's Boston lager is nothing more than a really good version of the crappy beer I could have at half the price.

So, yes Mr. Jackass Sam Adam's Brewer, your best beer, your shining example, your pride and joy is a fucking beginner beer. You and your beer are lucky to be a stepping stone. You're like a halfway house between the insipid Bud's and Miller's of too many people, the welcome mat on the gateway to brewers who make really good beer.


trish said...

I definitely agree with you on Sam Adams. I was happy to get it for $1 at a nice bar I used to frequent when I was in college and on a budget. But I do believe that Newcastle is significantly better, at least to my taste. I mean, if I had my choice, I'd take Guinness on tap any day, but Newcastle is good enough to buy to drink at home out of a bottle. Maybe not top-of -the-line, but not a beginners beer either.

Housewife said...


250 words, 1,128 characters (1,380 including spaces) all about beer?


I'm fascinated, not by the blog or the content

I'm fascinated like I would be if a train was on fire.

Why do guys care???

Kixque said...

Hey, if you really like beer, then you wear the badge of Beer Snob proudly.

Having said that, I've done much, much worse than Sam Adams (which I enjoy), due to the budget when I really want a 6 pack from Weigel's.