Wednesday, March 21, 2007

durn cleaning

We missed a beautiful day of playing outside. I had hoped that the sun would entice the boys to do some cleaning which I was requiring for them to earn screen time. It didn't, so what should have been a day outside turned into a day of friendly reminders to pick up.

They don't seem to mind, and the news that they would also not be going to derby practice did not bring any sighs of depression. They both usually enjoy derby practice as they have a whole other set of friends there as well as skating. I generally enjoy practices as well which is sadly too often my adult conversation for the week.

The sun is still a lovely orange ball out west which means it's trying to sneak around the front drapes and into my eyes. The temperature outside is slowly dropping, though I expect a comfortably cool night followed by another beauty of a day tomorrow.

Whatever cleaning didn't get done all day will hopefully get done tonight, even if that means I do it. I'm not wasting another day like this.

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