Saturday, March 31, 2007

in which we do what it is we do

Currently listening to Afro Cuban All-Stars, not understanding at all due to my limited grasp of Spanish but understanding completely due to my unlimited grasp of damn fine music.

I actually had to look up "puede ayudarme con la basura" for a myspace survey I wrote earlier. Yes, I wrote a myspace survey. The thing is, mine don't suck. If you are lucky enough to be a myspace friend that happens to read those damn things, then you fucking know!

I should admit right here and now that I'm a bit in my cups. It's my own drunkblogging night here at happy acres, and all bets are off. Little else is off, though the kids are off to sleep and the wife is off work sometime in the next . . .uh . . .couple of whiles or so.

I've done some amount of rushing around cleaning the house today and into tonight. We've had some trouble getting a babysitter for some time now, and we have one tomorrow (tonight for most as it's already late o'clock here.) This is all no thanks to a certain grandmother who could stand to watch her grandchildren for a night here and there, though she is springing for the over nighter that allows us to drive a long, long way for a derby match, so I shouldn't complain or something, but I do. Regardless, we do in fact have a night out, some hot wings and a live band if we get lucky and fit through the door. And I can't let her walk in and see the mess that this house usually is. I'm afraid she might never come back.

Anyway, tonight (last night as you read this) we have the late ass night followed by the early ass soccer game. We'll come home for long enough for Momma to change pants, and we'll take her to work. I still have cleaning to do so that the babysitter doesn't freak out at the sight of it all, and then at some point in the evening I'm driving downtown to meet Momma and go out.

None of those plans are the least bit helpful at the moment as I still have drinking and waiting to do. It's really hard to sleep well with half the bed empty, so I end up waiting for Momma to get off work. The problem here lies in the fact that Momma is working late and in the soccer coach that wanted to get all the games out of the way first thing in the morning. He was nice enough to con someone into scheduling all our games at 9:30 in the fucking morning. And he tells the kids that Jesus loves them.

I've not bothered to approach that one. Even without Momma's current Friday night schedule, 9 fucking 30 in the AM on a Saturday is retardulous. It's fifteen different kinds of stupid and wrong. It's wrong like rubbing your pussy on a gay man to try and turn him back.

Really, there's nothing worse than trying to make a gay man straight, and the ones that want to be straight are fucking idiots. My theory is that no one gets more blow jobs than a gay man, and if you can find something better than a blow job please email me.

That's where we end for the night. If I keep writing I'll end up actively trying to offend as opposed to giving myself giggle fits. It's not really me, it's the bottles of beer lined up accusing me of drinking their essence and killing them. That's all good though as I got mine and those beer bottles are empty as my soul. So fuck 'em.

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