Friday, March 16, 2007

search wha?

Anyone familiar with blogs and blog stats and searches might also be familiar with the odd search terms that bring people to your or my blog. Many people can create an entire post out of these searches, and I'm certainly neither the first nor the last to do so.

Sometimes when I find an odd search I will open up that page to see what else the visitor found when he searched his odd phrase or where in that list my own blog lands. Sometimes I don't see myself on the page of hits, and sometimes I can go through several pages and not find myself. Sometimes, and it's a little gratifying, I find that my blog shows up early in the hits or, better yet, first. I doubt it means much, but to see something I did at the top of anything gives me a little boost.

I'm also often astounded by the locations around the world from which I receive visits. In the past week my blog has hosted visitors from Russian Federation, Portugal, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Qatar, as well as the farthest reaches of our own USA.

We'll end the self aggrandizing with the search that inspired this post. If you search the words "soccer she slowly bra perky" without the quotation marks, you'll find me reigning at the top of the pack. And regardless of the rights this may or may not give me to be a little proud, I can't help but feel a wee little something, though if it keeps gurgling, I'll have to admit that it may something else entirely.

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