Monday, April 09, 2007

award me

It's got to at least be good for shits and giggles, though I have to admit that I could write at least a little more about homeschooling. Perhaps the whole writing about part doesn't quite matter, just that I both homeschool and blog.

Either way, some kind soul was nice enough to nominate me for a Homeschool Blog award. I certainly appreciate that, but I must at the same time admit that I realize how unlikely it is I'll win. I just know homeschoolers too well I think.

I don't agree with the stereotype of homeschooler, though I do admit that the stereotype exists because there is some truth to it. I know it exists when I compare the number of members of my local group with the other local group, the one that does care how you approach matters of personal faith.

With all my expecting not to win, even through the absolute faith I have in me not winning, I still kind of want to win. There is certainly the majority of me that doesn't care, but that little sliver of hope rests quietly, almost unseen because I've buried it so deep under my facade of indifference.

This post all comes down to a plea for votes. If I'm elected, I will not raise taxes, nor will I repeal any blue laws. I won't promise to fund the schools or straighten up congress. What I will do if I win is sort of almost nearly exactly like what I've been doing.

So vote for me. If I win I will continue to write posts with the single minded purpose of making you the reader piss a little in your pants while laughing, a little uncomfortably I hope.

For all our differences we all homeschool and put our pants on one leg at a time. Some of us wear denim jumpers which is like jeans with one big leg for both your legs, and I don't know if you just step into a denim jumper or pull it down over your head. If it's over the head then both legs enter as one, unless you only have one leg, so that defeats the purpose of the "one leg at a time" homily.

Anyway, find me under the following categories, Most Powerful Erection, Most Colorful Use of Language Unsuitable For Human Ears, and Blogger Who Most Misguidedly Thinks Highly of Him/Herself. Vote early and vote often. Roll out your Tammany Hall style machine to push me all the way to the top.

UPDATE: I hopped quickly through the list of other nominated blogs that were nominated under "humorous" and I just have to say that if I don't beat everyone there by a margin of at least 100 to one then the word humorous doesn't mean at all what I thought it did. I'm not trying to be rude (I actually am) or anything, I'm just saying.


Morgan said...

I will certainly vote for you if I remember (the voting is just this friday?) Your blog is one of the most entertaining ones I've read, period.

Tammy Takahashi said...

I nominated you, and I'll vote for you. By far the funniest, most entertaining homeschooling blog out there.

Don't let that go to your head tho.

kimzyn said...

I know man, I was totally skipped on the humorous nominations too. BTW, someone nominated you maybe because that someone wanted to see peops with an alternate POV gain a little clout, award-wise. Spread the secular word and you got a big chance.

But now Tammy and I have to have a girl fight about who gets the nomination creds. He's mine! Oh wait, I suppose two people could have done that. Maybe more.

don said...

For what it's worth, I voted for you.

And yes, you did make me piss in my pants just a little with the "Most powerful erection" bit.

ethan said...

RYC: Yeah it smells rank but that doesn't translate into a rank taste, oddly enough.

btw you got my vote. The current winner isn't funny at all :-)h

Lily of Philly said...

I will vote for you, but you must read my blog, leave comments, and tell all of your blogging friends to read my blog.

I need attention!!

Really, I just started this blog thing, and I had no idea there were awards, and homeschool blog awards no less!

Lily of Philly said...

I'll vote for you, but you have to read my blog, leave comments, and tell all your friends to read it!

Seriously, I'm new to this blog thing, and I had no idea there were awards, and even homeschool blog awards!

Take care,