Wednesday, April 11, 2007

help? somebody?

Will you look at that? I seem to be an evolved homeschooler, and I'm certain I couldn't be happier. Sadly this is as close a description of my beliefs as is possible to approach with a homemade logo. There wasn't one explaining how I honor the unholy power of Yog Sothoth and how I quake in fear at the thought that one day the blood of mankind will warm the throats of the old ones. It also doesn't say anything about the stock pile of armaments I'm amassing to be ready for Armageddon, you know, sort of my own death bed confessional but with less confession and more going to get mine.

None of that really matters at this moment. I have a real life emergency here. I'm talking about my inability to fix or even understand computery type things. Sure, when Blogger makes it stupid easy for folks like me, with a couple quick strokes of the mouse, to set up such a fancy blog with all the gewgaws stuffed in and hanging out the edges a little. I imagine I did in fact need another thing, so I got it.

I actually sent Chris a private message trying to figure out what I was doing since he's the one nice enough to set up the wiki that gives us all that much more room to play. I think maybe he wasn't able to read my mind and answer the question I meant to ask, so rather than bother him with it again, I'll toss it here and reward the first person to help me.

As is plain to all, I can easily right click and save as. I can even go into the guts of my blog and add a page element that includes that lovely little logo. What I can't seem to figure now is how to make it a link to the Evolved Homeschoolers wiki. Did you know about that? It's true, an honest to fuck wiki for homeschoolers that don't give all the credit to interstellar entities but allow for sciencey learning as well. I'm not saying there are no interstellar beings, just that you can only credit one with so much having done before the rest of them start to get jealous and wanting their own piece of the pie.


Audrey said...

Hey, I can help with that. So, you've got your pic up there, eh? Okay, go into your layout editor and click "edit" for that pic.

Click "change image" and it will show you boxes. One of them has the link to where your pic is located. Just copy that. You'll need it in the next steps.

To make a link embed in a pic, do not use the "add pic" option.

When you click "add page element" you actually need to select "add text."

Box pops up. Click on "Edit HTML."

Now use good old-fashioned html to do the link and pic thing, using the location you copied for your pic from earlier.

I'm gonna assume you know the html for that. If not then email me and I'll try typing it out for ya.

samuel said...


No, seriously, I don't know how to do half that. I'm great at copying and pasting things that other people do given enough arrows and brightly lit signs pointing me directly to the spot where I put it.

heehee, the spot where I put it!

Chris said...

I answered that email didn't I?

samuel said...

Chris, you did answer the email with the right answer to the question I asked, but as it turns out, I didn't ask the question I meant to or don't think I did. I may also be missing my ass with both hands and the flashlight.

Almost Lazarus said...

Next time, just go to someone's blog that has the element you want, right click, view source, and copy/paste/steal their html, then edit it to include your stuff. Eventually, you actually learn html this way.