Monday, May 28, 2007

abrasive nail biting

First I must tell you that this is not the recap post about last night's derby bout featuring our Hard Knox Rollergirls All Stars versus Nashville's Rhythm and Bruisers. It's the fault of the after party and the after after party that are causing my brain to not want to switch into writer mode.

Instead I'll give you pictures of wounds. Mine isn't really a wound, and I'll admit that. I did show it off a little to prove that something or other which makes me cool. Beyond not being a wound, my wee widdle thumb isn't really even hurt. The part of my nervousness that wasn't busy making me need to pee made me bite my nails down a little farther than I might wish. I do indeed bite the ever lovin' shit out of my nails watching derby.

I don't want to suggest that Momma's skin abrasions aren't wounds, and she admitted herself that they were more unpleasant than painful, though they certainly look painful enough. This is what happens to Momma when she wears fishnets to the bout. I did crop the pictures so that they were of wounds and not her sexy ass.

As mentioned, this isn't about the bout. As the day progresses and I get more coffee in me and the Goody's Powders kills the headache, I'll feel a little brighter, the gray matter will start sparking again, and I will write a post that will take you right to our little rink. But you'll have to wait a bit.


Michele said...

Poor Momma! My butt hurts just looking at that. I guess fishnets aren't a good idea when you're skidding across the floor on your heiny.

Housewife said...

Wait, momma's a roller derby girl with not a hint of cellulite and two small kids.

Excuse me but your blog sucks... you should have been telling us more about her! I'm green with envy as my bottom looks worse even without the bruises.