Monday, May 14, 2007

sad lag

I've been sadly lagging in my writing lately. I've gotten to the point where I think of blogging randomly throughout the day, which happens as I sometimes find my posting has grown sporadic. I never even bother with the ol' stat counter when I get like this. I've noticed downward trends every time this sparseness happens.

Sometimes it's simple writer's block, or so I often think. I find that when it comes, I'm often also spending time doing delaying tactic sorts of things, but they creep up on me subconsciously. I find I'm doing them after I've been doing them.

Myspace is a great time waster for me. If you are one of the couple of people who might read this and also know me through that hell hole of teen meh, you might notice that you read me less here and more there on occasion. But I do love the surveys. I know that the majority were written by someone half my age who lied to get their account, but I do them justice, in my own mind. Of course that's not the point here. I certainly won't pretend that the witty answers I put in the surveys is writing, though I can pretend it's practice.

The other delaying tactic that I use way too often is checking back for comments. I'll read random blog some time in the day, be captivated for some reason, either by the currently existing comments or by the comments I expect based on either the post or the comments. I also know who in my Bloglines can be expected to have comments. So I go back through everything I read throughout the day, giving all these lovely people a couple more hits, too often only to find nothing new. I comment sometimes, but I often feel like I'm the comment thread killer because I'm too much of a crank or because my joke doesn't read like it sounds to people used to hearing my jackassery.

And there's another thing. How do you make sure that, when conversing via the internet, people realize you're a jackass and not just a plain ol' cunt? And don't get all up in arms at the use of the word cunt, because sometimes when I say cunt I really mean dick. Sometimes though, someone being a dick is really being a total asshole. And sometimes, the cunts are just being assholes because they're pissed off that those other cunts were being dicks, and they just couldn't take it anymore.

And that's where I find myself. I think I'm just at a low point for post fodder. Maybe it really is writer's block. Either way, as soon as I publish this I'm going to check Myspace and the roller derby fan forum. I might check my family's board, though I doubt there's anything new there.

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Mayhem said...

I love your MySpace Surveys!! hehe