Wednesday, June 06, 2007


HaHa, funny title, how it's a little not so much spelled right and is all funny and stuff.

You may notice I have no blogroll. It's always almost sorta bothered me that I haven't set one up, but I've always been certain there was some sort of scratch-my-back thing going on that I wasn't sure of, so it's always seemed safer to just not bother. I have noticed myself appear in blogrolls, and part of me thinks I should repay the favor. One reason I haven't is that i just don't want that thing on the side of my blog, while another reason is that I'm not the kind of guy to be shamed, even by myself, into following along.

I'm pretty happy with my blog's appearance, even if it is one of Blogger's backgrounds that any number of other people could be using. I like, now that I've ordered it a bit, the little side thingy that has all my little pictures and pithy sayings (though I think I took those down.)

The last thing I ever wanted was to make the page an extra mile long including all the lovely and amazing people whose blogs I read, though I do want to share all those great people with more great people.

So, here's where I am. I've thought about posting a short blog, maybe once a week, highlighting some of those people I've read and want to share. Another option is linking to Google reader, which has it's own problems. I don't use Google reader, not for any reason other than learning of Bloglines first, though I could easily use it and could even figure out how to add a link to it. I have actually loaded up Google reader, so far with only homeschooling blogs, and when I get a moment, I'll figure out the linking part.

So that's one of the many things festering in my brain. I'm thinking about it, and I'll come up with something soon. I might be leaning toward a weekly sharing of love, giving you all my weakling's share of love, or I may continue to mess with Google.

Finally, I'd like to hear what others think of blogrolls. I'm not against the idea, I'm just not sure how I want to share all of you with all of the rest of you.


Michele said...

Blogrolls are fine. But they do tell people a whole lot about you. Like opening your medicine chest. It took me a while to decide to put one up, mostly because I worried whether the blogs I listed would resent being next to one another and blogroll mayhem would ensue when I wasn't looking.

audrey said...

I use the blogroll thingie (ain't I so technical?) to surf through the blogs I read. I don't like those RSS feeds. I think they're ugly and sterile looking. I much prefer flipping around from blog to blog. It's kind of like a lame version of club-hopping for me.

Jo said...

I've always tried to include you on my blogrolls just simply because I like your blog and your attitude because it's blunt and honest just like my hubby and I. :)

It has never bothered me personally that you have no blogroll and I've never expected anything because you are on mine.

To be honest, the only reason I have blogrolls is to keep track of blogs I like to read when I get the chance. So if someone is on my blogroll its someone I actually read and if anyone gets pissed off over it then tough titty! :D

As far as what Michele said about people resenting being next to each other and such... sadly I'm sure she is right on that one because some people really are that anal! If anyone doesn't like who they are next to in my blogrolls though then too damn bad!

You do what you want to do, Sam, and anyone who doesn't like it can sod off. ;)

Mark Steel said...

My blogroll doesn't tell anyone anything about me except that I'm a lot more obnoxious than most of my friends ... But I already knew that. ;-)

trish said...

I use my blogroll exactly how audrey does. My hubby, being far more tech savvy than I am, uses those feeds, but I just can't convert. I never even noticed that you didn't have one.

However.....I do take some joy when I see that I appear on someone's blogroll. Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever reads my blog, so it's nice to occasionally see that someone is listening.

Rosie said...

I like my blogrolls...they are most useful as sort of a home base for places I like to go to while I'm on the net, so I don't have to fill up my bookmarks. Other than that, they are important for your blog's ranking in technorati, TTLB or any of that stuff. The more quality incoming links you have, the better your ranking. It's part of the social construct in the blogosphere.

Daryl Cobranchi said...

I had one in the early years (pre-RSS) to keep track of the blogs I wanted to read. Then folks got into the link exchange thing, and it seemed artificial. I kept it up for another year or two but never even looked at it.

Finally, last year(?) I just deleted it. Haven't missed it a bit.