Thursday, June 28, 2007

expo bout

Our roller derby league was lucky in the earliest days of the league to find a place to skate, a place for both practice and bouts. There have always been some issues with the rink, and location and size have always been the top issues.

Saturday night Hard Knox Roller Girls present Triple Threat, our expo bout where we check out a possible new location. The Icearium is huge, lots of parking, serves alcohol, has parking, is still technically in our town, et cetera. Did I mention they sell beer?

The fact that our current home is in the next county is enough to throw some people off. People just don't want to go to Maryville, as it seems like a drive. It's not any closer or farther for the average person than the Icearium, but sometimes it's just the name.

All three of our intra league teams will be playing in Triple Threat. I'm not sure how we're going to manage it, though some system of staggering the teams on the floor will occur so that each team skates the same number of jams and each team faces each other team the same number of jams.

If you live anywhere within the sound of my voice, I suggest you hitch up the mules, help grandma and the kids into the wagon, and come out and show your pride. Whether you wear Kelly purple, Betty red or Lolita black and white, your favorite team needs you to come and show your love. More than that, your league wants you here, screaming and cheering for us all.


Overpriced Designer Man Bag said...

drunk skating - i'd try that, but i don't want to be a hazard to everyone. maybe with extra protection and padding, however...

samuel said...

Drinking and skating do not mix, and skaters are not allowed to skate if they've been drinking. The alcohol has to do with our inability to sell it to fans out our location versus the new location already does, but never to skaters.

audrey said...

You would have a great career as a spokesman for Roller Derby if you wanted one.

I've never been to it. I've never seen it, but man! You really make me want to come down there and revel in the experience. :-)

Overpriced Designer Man Bag said...

whoa, i just wikipedia'd roller derby, and it's not at all what i thought it was, which was synchronized skating.