Tuesday, July 17, 2007

back home

We, meaning mostly me and Momma, have had a few more road trips the past year than we have generally taken, and a couple of times, the boys joined us. They have all been roller derby related, and for that, I have to thank derby for yet another bonus.

I think derby has been great for the family as a whole. We've all made new friends, and Momma specifically has gotten to realize the kind of bad ass that she can be. With the announcing gig, I've gotten to put my loud mouth to some good finally.

And then there are the couple of trips we've taken, places we may not have visited otherwise, like Birmingham Alabama as well as Idiotapolis Indiana. Most recently we drove to Nashville for two days of derby and a good bit less over-the-top partying than we've become accustomed to. In trade, we got some more low key hanging out with a couple of cool people around a few cans of beer.

But no matter how lovely a trip may be, home always welcomes, even if it is a sink full of dirty dishes and recyclables overflowing from multiple surfaces.

And that's why you haven't had to read any insanity from me lately. We spent a few days in Nashville and caught up with some old friends in addition to the derby. I'll admit now that our team lost both matches that we played, and I'll probably leave it at that. Our league does have room for improvement, though our bout against Nashville actually saw most of our girls playing more as a team than they have lately. And still, no matter what the outcome, I am proud of Hard Knox.

And though this is barely a post, it's my welcome-me-back. I've got plenty to talk about, and I may even slip one of my patented crazy ass rants in somewhere. I've been tagged for a meme by one of my favorite bloggers, and though I may have done this particular one before, it's a fun one that you can likely look forward to soon.

And I can smell yet another late supper cooking in the kitchen. The kids are being slightly buttish to each other and need yet more straightening out.

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