Saturday, July 07, 2007

more rockin' out

In my continuing efforts to blog about as many ska bands as I can find on YouTube that I will also soon be seeing at Ska Weekend, I present The Hits. These guys are local to me and are, in the video below, playing the Longbranch, the place that hosted our last derby after party. It's a nice little place, and they finally started taking cards, so you don't have to hit the ATM on the way.

I don't really know much about The Hits. I've missed them the few times when they've played around town that I noticed. Being old, having children, suddenly you don't get to get out and do the things that were once common, like seeing live bands.

You can check them out on their Myspace page HERE, though they currently only have one song up. The sound is good on the Myspace page, though it's really rough in the video. However, from the video you can get a feel for the energy they seem to bring, and a good ska show really hinges on the energy the band brings. They are definitely one of the bands I'll be checking out when Ska Weekend finally rolls around. So enjoy!

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