Sunday, July 22, 2007

our HP news

Everyone has their new-Harry-Potter-book story. We have our own Harry Potter thing happening. Big Brother, it seems at least annually, rereads the series, having done so fairly recently. The Boy's bed time reading for the past while has been Harry Potter, the first chapter book he's really wanted to come back to from one night to the next. We've gone through The Sorcerer's Stone and are into The Chamber of Secrets up to the preliminary plans for the polyjuice potion. And Big Brother has been showing up to listen in while we read to The Boy.

Momma and Big Brother did the late night standing in line for a voucher and then getting to get the actual book, and I can't find the book right now. I was curious to find out how far into the book he's read, Big Brother getting first crack at this one, but I can't find the book anywhere in the house. I just wanted to look where his bookmark is, but no such luck.

I'm currently around halfway through The Goblet of Fire, though I happened to start the series at the end, having reread The Halfblood Prince a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to catch back up on the series, so I read what was then the last book so far, and something possessed me, a certain spirit of Harry that has me wandering backward through the series.

On top of all that, we took the boys to see the new movie today. Momma and I both agree that the movies should have been done as a miniseries, a series of miniseries. It's become increasingly impossible to fit the entire story into just under three hours as the series has progressed, and the movies have, in my opinion, failed to live up the standards of the books. I keep enjoying the movies mostly, but I also keep wanting to read the books instead once I've seen the movie.

I'm absolutely enmeshed in Harry Potter these days, but I'm not complaining. I've loved all the books, and I'm really looking forward to the end of the story. The chore is going to keep Big Brother from blabbing accidentally, though I think he understands the theory behind not being the spoiler. I am getting tired of the jumping around though, personally rereading the series in reverse, alongside reading the series to The Boy from the beginning, coupled with waiting for my turn to read the series end, and I don't know if I can take it.


christine said...

That's why we bought two copies. :)

Arp said...

I've been through the same myself. I re-read HBP and then went back to OotP.

I agree about the movies - there's way too much depth to squeeze into 2 1/2 hours. I knew things were going to go downhill when the 3rd movie was shorter than 1 or 2. The mini-series idea would be perfect.

Did y'all manage to finish DH yet?

Rosie said...

Ohhh, I hope I didn't do much spoilage for you! I tried to keep my comments about it more toward the structure of the classic hero tale. Which this is very much one.

I, too, agree about the films. The first two were fairly faithful though I really hated it that Ric Mayall's interpretation of Peeves was edited out. But as the books have gotten longer, they have had to leave more and more out.

They really need to pull a LOTR and film the next lot of films concurrently since no one is getting any younger.

kim said...

I know how ya feel. Finally finished it a few days ago and was feeling sort of bummed about saying goodbye to Harry and the crew for good. Then I read that JK Rowling interview where she tells her fture writing plans and I got happy. Don't read the interview until you're done the book!