Tuesday, July 03, 2007

they like sports now?

I'm not generally one to send letters or emails to companies unless I have a problem and need help working it out. From a post at Good As You, we learn that the San Diego Padres recently sponsored a gay pride event. Of course the freaks jumped on this one, arguing that the Padres are corrupting youth, families and baseball. Too bad so many people can carry such hate.

Because the Padres are likely getting letters and emails from the anti equality freaks, G-A-Y suggested letters of support. As mentioned, I don't usually, but this time I kind of felt motivated. I'm tired of this unequal bullshit, and I'm tired of a few loud nut jobs getting to pretend they have some sort of copyright on family. So here's my letter.

I read recently about your sponsorship of a gay pride event. I'd like to thank you for doing so, for helping make the idea of equality and acceptance a message more people are likely to hear.

I'm sure you will hear many negative messages concerning your event, but I would ask that you not bow to pressure from those that would force their narrow views on others.

With the acceptance of Jackie Robinson so many years ago, baseball helped our country in working for racial equality. Perhaps baseball will be the first sport to help us all work toward full equality for all.

Thanks again for supporting equality, even when it seems an unpopular decision. There are all types of families, and each of the children of those families needs the same acceptance as any other.
It's not a great letter, and it certainly doesn't flow with the usual frippery I tend to add to my written words. I didn't cuss or make any jokes that would make folks uncomfortable, but I like it, and I think it needs to be said and said again.

UPDATE: In answer to my email to the Padres I got an answer informing me that they didn't actually sponsor the event but have sold tickets to the pride group. The writer also pointed out the fact that they agree with, that baseball must in inclusive rather than exclusive. It really is good to see more mainstream groups actively opening themselves up and, as he said, being inclusive. One day, perhaps inclusiveness will be the norm.

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Ren said...

Awesome. I'm glad you stood up for what is right. I hadn't heard about this...off too google.:)