Monday, August 20, 2007

baseball caps

It's time for a new post about something that I hate. I'm full of hate, really I am, and I'm sure it's sad and stuff, but . . .

I don't hate baseball caps. I own several, though I haven't really worn them lately. As part of the letting the hair grow thing, I find currently I don't need a hat to keep my head from getting sunburned. With fall approaching, we know winter is on the way, yet I may not then need a hat to keep my bald head from freezing, assuming I haven't freaked out and shaved my head again.

I do hate when people turn the baseball caps slightly to the side, though slight is better than the full quarter turn that places the bill of the cap directly above either ear. The slight turn trades the old cocked fedora for a modern hat, even though most people with the slight turn look a little "special."

The new baseball cap trend that irritates me is the tucking of ears into the cap. I think it was that Monster Garage guy that started it all, but maybe I'm wrong; regardless, it looks stupid. It's even worse when the guy in the hat didn't get one big enough and you can see his hat squeezing the shit out of the tops of his ears. Honestly, if you need the tops of your ears covered, a baseball cap is not the way to go. It's looks ridiculous, suffering physical discomfort in the name of an idiot fashion trend. I'll accept physical discomfort for the sake of beauty, but the beauty has actually to be beauty or at least moderately cool looking.

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don said...

I always wear my cap slightly crooked, but I don't mean to. Apparently I have a weird-shaped melon or something; hats just end up crooked on me.

I have seen the ears tucked in thing lately, and it does look stupider than shit. I hate that.