Saturday, August 18, 2007


It's high time I gave you another Ska Weekend band post. This band is kind of special to me, one of the first bands I got into as I got into the ska.

For those who don't know, who haven't read any of the other crap I've typed out on the subject, I'll give you a quick bit of ska history. Seriously, it will be quick as we're just glossing over the formative years and going straight to America, again.

American jazz and R&B on the radio was picked up in Jamaica and became popular alongside the music that was already popular. The two were worked together and became ska. Time went on, varieties of ska came about, and people traveled. The sound was carried to England and became a whole 'nother thing, became popularish for a time and faded. Then, a few years passed and some American kids started playing it, and some of them mixed their punk aesthetic in. Along came what we know of as the third wave of ska.

Mustard Plug was one of the bands that got me into ska. They played pretty hard and fast, almost sometimes slipping a little metal something into the guitars while playing an extremely upbeat version of almost traditional ska. It's really hard to describe. Mustard Plug have been around for years now, and they don't seem to have lost anything. They played Ska Weekend last year and will be returning this year. I'd guess both my regular readers haven't heard them, and now you can. This is from a new album I don't have.

That's not enough? You'd like to watch an older song? This one is from the album that made me fall in love in the first place.

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