Wednesday, September 26, 2007

local milk

The idea of beginning to eat more locally has always appealed to me, and it's something I'm mostly too lazy to have started in on before. I'm a last minute kind of person when it comes to planning meals, so I end up at the same ol' grocery store, Momma needing to leave for work minutes from when I return home, buying from the same ol' ingredients from all over the world to make the same few meals over and over again.

We do have farms around my town, and it is possible to find plenty of just about anything you want from close by. The problem is with me and my need to quit thinking good ideas while still going to that same ol' grocery store.

Cruze Dairy Farm is just up the river. You actually follow the river to where it splits (or more accurately comes together, but coming from the west it splits) and take the river to the north. The farm is in the big bend. It's easier to drive of course, but I'd love to be able to do it by river.

The milk is not homogenized and takes a bit of work when you first bring that cool jug from the fridge. No amount of shaking ever fully incorporates the fatty bits, so you're likely to notice one occasionally as they slip past. I've had milk like this once before. I'd spent the summer in Wyoming working at a camp and was waiting for my family to drive out and get me, while I spent that last week staying with the family that ran the camp. The milk then was even fresher and not quite cool. The bits bothered me then, but I may have gotten over that since then.

In truth, the bits are fun to catch and squish with your tongue. Momma pointed out to the boys that it's the same cream that's on our favorite yogurt, and I've heard no complaints from either of them.

I must say that this is the best milk I have ever tasted. It's thick and flavory as hell (I should copyright "flavory as hell" 'cuz it's sweet.) Part of me wants to proclaim it "milk as milk was meant to be," but really, I have to admit that I'm not a baby cow and can't honestly make that proclamation. Instead I'll go with the best milk ever, so far as I know.


don said...

A couple years ago we got some fresh milk from a local dairy farm at a farmers market. That is to say, we got it at the farmer's market, not that the dairy farm was actually at the farmer's market.

Anyway, it was by far the best milk I've ever had. I didn't know milk could really taste that good until then.

But we never went back for more because I hate dragging my butt four blocks to get milk, let alone halfway across the city.

They had good ice cream too. It was flavory as hell.

Gem said...

We have a wonderful dairy nearby, the milk is great and would you believe they still do milk delivery, in the glass jars no less? But I'd rather have raw milk -- that is illegal to buy in Michigan! I recently read a news article on a guy who was brought up on federal smuggling charges for bringing raw milk in from Ohio!!!

In lieu of raw milk, though, I guess the direct-from-dairy is still better than what's been sitting on the store shelves for who-knows-how-long, though.