Sunday, October 14, 2007


Our phones are through the big company, the one that used to be a different company but recently was renamed with the name of the parent. And a short time later, for some reason, Momma and I are having phone issues.

We assumed it was hers at first. It's been dropped a time or two more than mine. We realized recently that it's both phones.

I haven't been getting a number of calls lately. People will call and get sent directly to my voicemail. I try to call them back and get "Call Failed, Network Busy" message. I try again and the phone takes at least a minute of me sitting and waiting to even seem like it's doing anything.

Momma's reception has been getting really bad, and apparently mine is now doing the same. It almost seems like our coverage area has shrunk, but I don't think to pay attention to how many bars I have, so I don't really know if that's true.

We'll have had these phones for two years Mother's Day of '08 at which point this particular contract runs out. I'll be researching the next couple of days to see what sort of fix I can come up with for this. If the merging of these companies has adversely effected my ability to communicate with my overpriced yet still slightly fancy phone, then my contract should not effect my ability to find a server that won't screw up my service. I'm also quite certain that there is a part of the contract written extra tiny that I didn't read that has a clause that I agreed to that allows them to screw me at double the rate I've been paying if they so choose and that there's a spring in the phone to make it clamp down and bite my cheek if I don't damn well pay up.

We'll see!


RedMolly said...

We're going through this right now with Dish Network. After the second box crapping out with the same problem in less than a year, and their refusing to replace it with a newer model, we're realizing we don't even really *want* to waste time and money on four billion channels anymore. So we have to figure out how soon we can get rid of it without penalty, or else pay up whatever bizarre inflated cancellation fee they want to slap us with.

Also: my mother-in-law had the same reception problem with the same cell company after its name-change. Apparently she was still on the "Bingular" network, rather than being switched to "BT&T," yet "BT&T" was busily pulling down or selling off all the "Bingular" towers in the area. She ended up walking, and arguing her way out of paying the $300 (!) cancellation charge.

Rosie said...

Don't get me started on the phone company...Bell South is so dead to me. And I'm just talking about hard phone lines.

I heard a rumor that fewer transmission towers were being built because the technology is transitioning over to satellite.