Thursday, November 29, 2007

finding me where?

In all the recent brouhaha over the Not Really Indicative Of Us At All Homeschool Blog Awards we haven't really forgotten last year's debacle, but many of us may still be getting hits from them. I certainly did get one, and I hoped they liked what they saw. More likely they freaked out and hit their back button.

Que Sera Sera!


Christine said...

We still get a few hits too. Unfortunately, ours would not be initially as shocking as yours. Maybe we'll finally put that post up about how I don't think I believe that Jesus was divine and how Don is pretty much an atheist. Sticky post it to the top.

RedMolly said...

Belated congratufications, hee hee ha ha ha ha. It's good to shock the homeschoolery types every now and again.

Lostcheerio said...

Wow, just looking at the list of blog titles is making me creeped out. Mrs. Happy Housewife? I hope that is sarcastic. Where Righteousness and Mercy Kiss?


Where Righteousness and Mercy Kiss. I'm afraid to click. DARE I? DARE I CLICK? *cackle*

BTW you said you like the Nutcracker -- we just found a cool book today, called "The Nutcracker Ballet" and it's by... mmm... Vladimir something. Paperback from Scholastic, and it has REALLY neat pictures and does not follow the Barbified storyline. Children give it two sugar plums up.