Sunday, December 23, 2007

back that tilt up

I swiped this from Lynn, but she swiped it from someone else. With all the swiping going on one might forget the real reason for the season, and no, it isn't really about babies and stars and wise men. It isn't about magic insemination of virgins by interstellar entities, though feel free to enjoy it however you please.


Ren said...

Ok, this is too funny! Yesterday I was being a smartass at work and said something about "yeah, you all think Jesus is the reason for the season but it's actually winter solstice" and went on to explain the history therein.
I got some raised eyebrows like "how dare you question the birth of Christ" which made my heart happy. smirk.

I might need to swipe this too. Love it!

Daryl Cobranchi said...

Sorry. You've been tagged.

Kim said...

Thanks for the new screen background by theway.

audrey said...

I swiped it from you, too. It's makes a nice inclusive seasonal greeting card.