Friday, December 21, 2007

dog pile again

COD has the scoop concerning Ms. Late To The Party. I feel like I'm jumping on an over crowded wagon, and I feel as if this blogger doesn't need anymore of us hollering at her, but she is misguided, and she is being less than honest. She literally begs for it.

If you visited the link above to COD's place then you get the story. If not then here's the quick version. A site that hosts evangelical, fundamentalist Christian (EFC) homeschool blogs accepts ad revenue from a couple who write books teaching EFC's to abuse children in the name of discipline. They have been boycotted for well over a year by a number of bloggers, bloggers who represent the variety of beliefs from pagan to Christian to those like me with no faith or religious based beliefs. I will not link to them.

The EFC's, as they usually do, are pretending that anyone not in lockstep with their views is anti Jesus and a humanist atheist sinner. As usual, they are wrong. They can't stand the idea that we feel they should not be allowed to hit their children with switches and plumbing supplies, so they lie about us and damn us.

So if you read the bit over at COD's then you know his comment at one of these blogs was deleted and that the comment was supposed to be nasty and/or malicious and/or unChristian. He called bullshit and was deleted. I called bullshit and was also deleted. Here's my comment, in full and verbatim. Find the nastiness if you will, and please leave a comment to show me the error of my ways.
The Pearls do in fact suggest beating children with pieces of plumbing hose. Hitting children is not okay. People go to jail when they hit adults, but some people think that hitting defenseless children is somehow okay and even commendable. It is neither.
Many Christians like to ask the question What Would Jesus Do? and I'd ask if they believe that Jesus would beat a child? Do you think Jesus would beat a child?

I have been a fan of COD's blog (he, not she) for quite a while. I've read his comments at many blogs. You've accused him of being nasty, yet I find that very difficult to believe based on what I know of him and his writing. I think that having left his comment up would have proved that he was not being nasty, yet we now have only your word for it.
Rather than face her accusers and answer our questions she tells us we are nasty, and she deletes our comments. What is truly nasty is her ability to stand side by side with people who abuse children. Hitting children in any way is abuse, and it is abuse that doesn't end. I was spanked most of my childhood in a very aggressive and painful manner. I attended a school that allowed corporal punishment throughout most of my childhood. I still fight my own anger and abuse issues with my own children.

Hitting children is not okay. Calling it spanking does not lessen the fact that it is abuse. Calling it discipline does not make it okay. If you must hit a child then you have already failed as a parent and need help. Please get help if you need it. All our children deserve better than this.


Nance Confer said...

My thought is that even those of us who are humanist atheist sinners know not to beat our children but the brand of Xtian that she supports doesn't get that. If she could stop worrying about my sins long enough to consider what the child-beaters are doing, that would be refreshing.


COD said...

In the infamous words of Bartles and James, thank you for your support.

SabrinaT said...

She deleted my comments as well. They should be locked up for advocating child abuse, and God should be left out of it.....

Ren said...

You know, that was one of the first reasons I began to look outside of Christianity many years ago. I saw my atheist and pagan friends being nicer to their kids than any Christian I knew at the time. I saw them being spiritual and beautiful and I saw that I had been lied to my entire life.
I learned how to be a better parent mostly from atheists. Christians taught me to be angry and hit my children. I know this sounds like an overgeneralization, but it IS my experience.
So sad. I do believe that the man Jesus would have not hit children or condoned it. Hell, he didn't even hit the prostitute he dined with. What's up with all the anger aimed at the innocent's of our world?
If Christianity is such a great religion, it should foster peace amongst it's followers. At least in their very own families. Hitting isn't peace.

Maggie Rosethorn said...

The Pearls are sick people (and I don't mean physically ill). I have read excerpts of their books and cried. I can't honestly say I have never spanked my children...I did, with a bare hand on a butt or thigh...but NEVER were my children beaten (and I usually apologized after I spanked them if I had lost my temper first).