Thursday, December 20, 2007

more on huckabee

alternate post title, oh no he didn't

As if we needed more reason not to vote Huckabee, not that it was ever an option, follow THIS lovely link to understand what he thinks about immigration and our Mexican friends. And for the record, Mexican is really not descriptive of the various countries represented in our new immigrant pool.

update: in the comments Michele has added a couple of links which do not fully appear in the comments. I don't know yet how to fix that, though I will look into it. Till then:
First link
Second link


Michele said...

What are you assuming that he meant by that?

Michele said...

Here are some civil rights quotes from Huckabee.

I read the one you to which you referred as saying we should never treat the Hispanics in this country the way we treated the African Americans. I don't understand why everyone thinks Republicans are racists. I can understand the arguments from the gay community, but the racism accusation is so outrageous to me.

Michele said...

Okay, last comment, unless someone wants to argue. There's not much I like about Huckabee, but you may find his stance on the issues of immigration is quite a liberal one. Check out the Wikipedia entry...

samuel said...

I didn't mean to not argue, but you posted while we were out, so I couldn't.

In the first link, Huckabee tries to sound good, but in the end he sort of dances around the issues. As far as Wikipedia, I'd wager someone in his camp is in charge of keeping that as Huck friendly as possible.

That doesn't really answer your argument at all, nor does it get back to the quote that started all this. My real issue with that quote is how absolutely ignorant he comes off in speaking of race. He is basically suggesting that the Africans we brought here forcibly as slaves are somehow comparable to the Mexicans and Central and South Americans that are basically running for their lives and the lives of the families. It's a very flippant and just ignorant thing to say.

And to address the idea of Republicans being seen as racist I'd have to say that my lifetime as a southerner has convinced/proven to me that too often this is the case. Most racist people are more likely to be conservative than not, but I'd also go so far as to suggest that most people of any color are more bigoted than they realize sometimes. I don't want to slag just us white people or just Republicans, though I'd also point out that historically, people of European descent have been the most able to act out that racism to the degree our forebears have (African slavery and Manifest Destiny to name just a couple of local incidents.)

Michele said...

I took it to mean that he was talking about when the slaves were freed and left to flounder without aid, and treated like second class citizens. 150 years ago would mark the end of the civil war, not the beginning of the slave trade.

His attitudes about illegal immigration have been pissing off the die-hard segments of his party for a while now. The fact that the Wikipedia entry addresses his stance lends a bit more credibility, so that's why I linked it.

That said, I would cast my vote for Gravel if he were actually anywhere close to getting the nomination.

samuel said...

Your hundred and fifty years point makes sense, though I didn't see it that way when I first read the statement.