Sunday, February 10, 2008

little better

What started Wednesday with a severely runny nose worsened Thursday, coupling intense sneezing fits with the clear, watery snot deluge.

By Friday it had turned into me being the whiniest I've been in ages, combining the aforementioned symptoms with random body aches, early stages of a cough, lack of appetite and what may have been the worst, a thick headed and dim witted sort of duh.

The whole of that stretched between Friday and Saturday with Saturday seeing a lot more coughing, enough in fact so that my left eye had a nice redness this morning.

My back has hurt most of this time, and various aches have shuttled around my head, sometimes including the entire head. The head was never one ache though, as even when the whole thing hurt, I could still feel the different pains separately.

One of the symptoms of the past few days that was by far the weirdest is likely the one you least want to read. I usually get a nice couple of days of watery bowel movements with whatever sort of sickness I get. This time however I spent a good portion of my past few days having no bowel movements. I will say that I farted a lot, like I just ate Senor Taco lot but without the stink. Yes, weird.

Oh, my skin also hurt. Did I mention that? That's a symptom I've recognized since childhood, and it's usually a personal early warning sign. Whenever my skin starts to hurt I know I'm in for something bad.

Today I woke up with a dry nose and a clear head. I won't discuss pooping other than to admit to some satisfaction in general in regards to that area. I've been ravenous most of the day and have eaten more in sevenish hours than I have in the previous seventy two. I even washed a couple of dishes and didn't mind fixing the boys lunch (heating up cans of soup.) My back still hurts, almost as bad as it has at any point during the sickness, but that's to be expected at this point, as it's become a muscle thing from the hacking cough.

The best thing, apart from getting to eat, about feeling so much better? I finally get to take a shower. I finally get to wash my greasy, ick hair. It'll still look like fluffy hell atop my head, but it will soon be clean fluffy hell.


Sue said...


I feel so badly for MOMMA! (betcha thought'd be you)

Right now I'm hiding from a sick Mr. Nim.

The Anti-Florence Nightengale

Kim said...

Charming details. I suppose if your description spares me having to actually experience this this year, I'm all for it. Glad you lived!