Friday, February 29, 2008

music and understanding

Finding this video didn't start out looking for some random moment of realization, but that's how it happened. It's a great video, The Monkees doing You Just May Be The One.

I'm certainly not quite old enough to remember The Monkees, but I do remember them thanks to the power of syndication. It's one of the few shows we were allowed to watch, and it was always a favorite of mine. This was of course Atlanta network tv a few years ago in my innocent childhood.

Mike was always my favorite followed by Peter, and it never really occurred to me why that might be. Stumbling on this particular video, in which Mike sings the lead vocals, forced a sudden and random moment of realization, and I knew why I'd always liked Mike, even all those couple of decades back.

And he's still the hottest one, followed by Peter of course because I'm a sucker when I recognize shy and awkward.


skullface said...

He really is a cutie. I always liked them all so much, I never had a favorite. Davy is definitely the ugliest one, though. Why was he always the ladies' man?

Maggie Rosethorn said...

I always loved Mike the best. There was just something about him that appealed to me. Not so fond of Peter or Mickey...and really never liked Davey Jones except for the accent.