Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the thing I said

I almost feel as if I owe any readers I still have an apology for last night's late, drunken post. Momma had gone out with some friends, and I managed to invite a friend over. He's straight, and continues to remain so despite my urging him to change his mind, so it wasn't that sort of thing.

Sometime between him leaving and Momma arriving home I made the turn from completely fine mood to somewhere else as evidenced by the drunken rambling.

I'm tired of not writing more, and I'm tired of the writing I do manage to squeeze out being ridiculous nonsense. It may seem that it's not all crap, but that's only because you only get the ones I post. You never see the shit that sits around as drafts, lonely and unwanted, soon to be deleted.

So, I hereby resolve to stop the melodrama and the melancholy or at least place some other posts between the weepy ones. And with that, I'm off to complain about something that will likely earn me trouble.


Anonymous said...

Well, I think your posts are really beautiful, even when they're really sad.

I wish I had something profound and insightful to say; I just thought I'd let you know I think you and Momma are great.

Can I call her Momma?? I don't know :)

JJ Ross said...

You do have readers, sam. Hi Lynn, I was wondering that, too!