Monday, June 30, 2008

if it was . . .

Sometimes I catch myself almost saying things to the kids that I would have no problem saying to any of my grown up friends but that are fairly inappropriate to say to children.

An example:

"I'm trying to find that Spiderman book that Momma used to decorate that cake," Big Brother said.

And the thing I would have said to a grown up friend but caught myself in time not to say to him:

"If it was up your butt you'd know."

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Jema said...

The thing I do say to the kids that I probably shouldn't is "Let me pull that out of my butt" as in "Mom, can I have some Doritos?" all the while knowing that Mom doesn't buy doritos and if she did you wouldn't get them for breakfast. Mom, "Sure, let me pull some out of my butt." I think I'm doing pretty well not to say ass.