Friday, November 21, 2008

want not need?

In an earlier blog post I mentioned the shindig from last night, the roller girl picture takin' calendar makin'.

As I also mentioned, it was Momma's idea that I go, get out of the house, see some friends, all of the above and more. Her boyfriend came to the house to pick her up as they had already planned to go, and then she was going home with him. I had the boys, and they are friends with the son of the person whose house we went to, and I'm friendly with the roller girls that have been around a while, though I don't really know the new ones.

Perhaps another blog post could be about the minus-the-derby I've been almost feeling. I'm no longer announcing, and the video I filmed for the big two day event three months ago still sits in the camera in my floor. I feel as if the video thing was just throwing me a bone so I'd feel better about having the announcing taken away since no one has bothered to even ask for it back. And now, with the whole not essentialy married to a roller girl I'm not nearly as involved, not even going to practices. It's kind of like this whole big thing was taken away, but I still don't know how to feel.

But I digress, and now I should figure out if there's a point to this post. Oh yeah, the hanging out.

So Momma was there, but she wasn't there with me. I was there, but I wasn't there with her. It still feels weird, and it's sort of a sign that I sort of need to make my own friends. She and I are still really close, and there's really only one other person that I'm even close to being as close to. There's one other person that I honestly feel I can be that open around.

Me being open about stuff is sort of a rare occurence. Cute Ex was just barely getting to the point where I was starting to feel like I might get comfortable enough with, and the majority of anything like really opening up I did with him involved him being bothered by something and me having to attempt to explain it without being as honest as I maybe should have. Even now, after all we've been through, I still am afraid to really be honest with Momma.

It's good, I think, that I can feel this not-with-her sort of thing when we are at the same place. It has to be, and it's part of my journey to being me, which is something else I'm realizing lately. I have to figure out how to be me without having someone. For too long I've basically judged myself by how I reflect off of Momma and then the Cute Ex. That line makes sense in my head, so I hope it conveys my meaning. I tend to define myself by who I'm with and need to get to the whole "I don't need a man to make me happy/feel complete."

Now the problem gets back to who am I? What do I want to be when I grow up? I'm sort of starting to feel like I'm running out of time. I'm not getting any younger, and being an unemployed line cook with an expertise in fryer and Ceaser salads isn't really paying the bills or helping me focus.

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