Monday, December 29, 2008

is seven the lonliest number? meh

Suddenly I'm just not sure what to think. At this moment I'm thinking it would be nice if the boys would actually pick up some of this crap left over from our busy Christmas time. Yes, there is still some trash and lots of toys and toy parts laying around. If not a hugely extravagant Christmas, it was still a messy one, as usual.

Next on the thinking about agenda would be my new reader. In the line of brothers I am number five of seven. Number two has been a reader for some time, but I learned last week that number six is now reading, having gotten my info from number two.

Number six found himself mentioned in a recent post, probably the one in which I referred to my family's still pending Christmas celebration as a possible nest of vipers. He emailed me to explain a bit of new family history among other things. I was immensely happy to hear from and a bit disconcerted to learn that he was my newest reader. Then I grew to find myself less anxious as I replied and soon enough got a reply in return.

So it seems like another brother will be willing to discuss things in a reasonable manner. Did I mention he's read both blogs? I'm certain I haven't included anything too lurid at the other place, though that was a huge reason for having another place, but even with the other place, I find I personally am not comfortable with too much lurid.

It's good that I learned of his presence after he'd been around for a bit. I can't imagine how far back he has yet read, and he's quite welcome, of course, to read as far back as he wants. I'm just happy that I don't feel too great a need to cover my ass or to change what and how I go about blogging since he's bound to see me as glorious as I tend to get. This of course brings up the lurid blog, because if he's going there then my tales of all the sexual misadventures I'm not actually having any of may not ever see the light of day.

So, welcome to the ol' deskfull number six. It's good to have you. Feel free at any time to throw a comment this way, especially if it might add to the discussion. Also, I will be emailing you soon enough, but I have workshirts and socks in the need-to-do laundry, a measly pay check to deposit, and a headlight to purchase followed by work. I'm also hoping to get out tonight and see the band of a couple of friends as they have their our-guitar-player-is-in-town-for-three-days-let's-rock reunion show.


Marsha said...

I am the oldest of 4, I don't think any of my siblings read by blogs. If they do they haven't mentioned it. Several of my husbands relatives stop by. They sometimes leave comments.At first it was a little's kind of funny that I am more at ease with strangers reading than relatives.

Chris said...

Yep, number two did give number six the address. In retrospect, he should have asked first. He does ask to be forgiven for the betrayal of confidence.

Now, on the good side, the mother of seven did ask for the blog address but was told by number two that he did not feel comfortable giving out the address without permission.

philhull said...

I guess that makes me number six. I already wrote to you in email how glad I am to be able to get to know you better even if it is through your blog. I get a kick out of reading what is rattling around in your head. Your openness is refreshing. Don't let my reading your entries cause you to edit yourself unnecessarily.

SabrinaT said...

Being an only child I would give anything to have siblings. It must have been wonderful growing up with so many friends!!