Sunday, December 07, 2008

just not the way he meant it

From Moses at The Faithful Penguin we get a story that I should say up front I'm not the least bit interested in. It's about football, and I just don't really like football that much. None of that is the point, though, so my opinion there doesn't matter.

Really I'm only posting because I amuse myself, and leaving this as a comment felt a little creepy/douchey, so I'll just bring it home instead.

The post is about a football player being inducted into the hall of fame, and the player is quoted discussing his desire to sack quarterback Brett Favre. I don't know who Mr. Favre plays for, but I do live in the US, so I have in fact heard of him, and of course I've seen whatever product he does commercials for.

Back to the quote, the player who wants to sack Favre says, "I wouldn't try to hurt him, but I would like to lay him down softly a couple of times."

Yeah? Because I too would like to lay Brett down softly a couple of times.

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Frankie said...

I just sprayed my Coke Zero on the screen. You made me laugh.

Mr. Favre used to play for Green Bay. My DH is a Vikings fan, so of course he hates Favre.

Favre retired, made a come back, and now plays for the NY Jets.

The only reason I know all this is because I listen to DH, or he has the damned sports channel blaring. I hate football.

I don't believe any player, though, who wants to lay someone softly. It's all about injuries, and Favre is hated by many. I think that player would prefer to give him a, erm, pounding.