Tuesday, December 16, 2008

real men don't what?

Have I told you how much I hate the newish Hardee's commercial? I'm sure you've seen it, a bunch of really guy guys sitting around watching t.v., what we are led to believe is some sort of Nascar like event.

They are verbally noting their opinion of the race as it takes place, and they are most likely bonding in a male-centric sort of way. It's quite likely the sort of thing guys do when they're left to their own guy ways. There are certainly no chics around to kill their collective buzz.

And then another friend enters the scene, approaching the real men with a pan of biscuits we can only assume that he himself has just baked. For some reason his biscuits appear formed in a fast food restaurant; they just have that look about them, but I suppose we are not meant to notice that. And it isn't really part of why we're here.

The friend offers the guys a fresh baked biscuit, and they all turn to him with a sort of astonishment in their eyes. It is quite obvious that we are supposed to agree with them, to wonder why their friend is offering something like biscuits.

And then the voice over cements our opinion by telling us that, "Guys don't bake." And of course it becomes clear. "Real men" don't make biscuits and offer them to their friends. That's the sign of something not man like. We should now doubt the masculinity of this biscuit offering man shaped person.

I have the following to say to Hardee's:

Fuck you! I'm man enough and make a damn fine biscuit. I do in fact enjoy making biscuits, and I'm quite proud of my ability.

So, in conclusion, fuck Hardee's. Biscuits=good, and hot guys bringing biscuits=also good.


overtly trite said...

my husband (who by the way makes excellent biscuits) and I always laugh at how stupid that commercial is. Men don't care who made the food!

Anonymous said...

Heh. Next time Jim is whipping up a batch of his rustic potato bread (awesome) or his mocha-chocolate cookies (even better) or our football favorite cheezy beer squares (zomg), I will be sure and tell him "guys don't bake." I'm sure he'll appreciate the advice.

audrey said...

Have you ever had Hardee's biscuits?

Apparently, THEY don't bake, either.

Don said...

Haven't seen that commercial, but it sounds stupid. I really hate stereotyping in any form. I'm a guy and I don't watch Nascar, or most other sports. But I do bake (I made a kick-ass chocolate cheesecake just the other day). Sometimes I even cry. Maybe I'm not a real man? On the other hand, I build things with wood, work on my cars, and drink beer, so does that make me a real man? That's all bullshit. Real men are those who ignore the stereotypes and be themselves.