Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I knew days ago it was coming. I'm to the point where I can sense it, maybe smell it on the wind. I could call it the darkness, because that's what it is.

Within the week I'll be ass deep in the depression. Things aren't especially different than they were or have been. My life hasn't taken any spectacularly bad turns.

As a matter of fact nothing is noticeably different.

But it doesn't matter. It's coming, and I can feel it.


JMS said...

Oh Man - do I KNOW that feeling.

On a lighter note, sit yourself in front of a really really bright light for an hour! Light lifts moods.

Was that Age?


audrey said...

You've got to get a little help, Sam. Please? You can't let a depression sink in on you. You seem like you're in a pretty vulnerable place right now. Take care of yourself.

Andrea said...

Man. It's like watching a train wreck...with kids on board. I'm getting worried about you guys.

FYI, we have a house in Halls we're trying to sell/owner finance/rent.