Tuesday, January 06, 2009


As I may have mentioned, Sunday night was the employee Christmas party for the place I work. Enough fun was had by everyone that I saw. My own night was a little odd, all things considered, but quite fun nonetheless.

Momma needed the car as she had derby practice, so about halfway through my evening I got the call from her that she was on her way. I got to take her and the boys home and then head back out for a tiny bit more fun.

Much of my night was a tiny bit of bar hopping. From the place I work, as the party shut down, I went with a couple friends/coworkers to another bar. They were heading from there back downtown to a burlesque show as I was getting the car and leaving Momma and the boys at home. I met back up with them downtown only to find they were going back to the bar we'd gone to earlier.

So, back to the bar where I hung out with not only the friends/coworkers, but I also ran into even more friends, one of whom I'll quite likely be seeing a bit more of. Turns out she has recently been dumped and kicked out of her house. She's staying with yet another mutual friend but needs a new place to live.

So, if all goes well, I will soon have a new roommate, but first we need to find a place to live. Well, as these things sometimes go, yet another friend is living in a half empty house. She rents the top floor of a large-ish, older house, the bottom floor having been recently vacated. She hopes someone without kids or someone with cool kids like me moves in. And since we are good friends, she's hoping it's me.

First, this whole situation is almost too good to be true, and second, nothing is even close to worked out as of yet. To add to the too good to be true element is the part of town in which the house is located. It's within easy walking distance to some cool new things happening. It's also within just as easy walking distance to a gay bar and a sweet little down home, local flavor kind of bar. It's also mere minutes drive from my and Momma's job as well as being as few minutes by bus, and this only means it's that close to all the places I usually hang out.

This situation would be an extremely awesome beginning to the new year, and in keeping with my goal of being in a new home by the end of the month would go that much farther to making me feel like an awesome and happy person. The potential roommate and house mate are both awesome people with whom I'd be more than happy to share space.

So, vibes, well wishes, crossed extremities, prayers, whatever the fuck you've got would be in order, unless of course you want my to fail, in which case do whatever you feel causes that.

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audrey said...

~~~~~~ happy house vibes ~~~~~~
~~~~~~ flowing your way ~~~~~~~