Tuesday, January 20, 2009

scattered inaugural thoughts

One week has passed since my last post, and I just haven't had anything to say. I can't say I have that much to say today.

Throughout the inauguration I watched with a lump in my throat and the hint of tears in my eyes. Hundreds of miles from where those couple of million stood watching in DC I sit here in East Tennessee thinking I can feel the energy.

That today is huge and historic is undeniable. As President Obama himself pointed out it wasn't so long ago that his father would not have been able to sit and eat lunch in any number of places. Have we progressed so far from those days? Sure we have, but we have so far yet to go.

Is there a more beautiful sight than the smiles and the joy and the hope beaming across the mall?

Oh, and if you didn't notice I'm sure you can find Obama's speech on YouTube, but, not to put too ugly a mark on the delight of today, but the president's hair was not evenly cut around his ears. There was a bit of sideburn trying to assert itself on his right side, while on the left there was none.

Also, I muted Rick Warren's prayer and told the boys why. In my own words, "I don't want to listen to him. He has a problem with gay people, and I have a problem with him."

I'm not sure when the parade begins. I have to be at work in three hours, and I'd love to see the parade. Mostly I just want to see the gay marching band, but given how people seem to like to not see us, I'm afraid the cameras might be pointed elsewhere when the LGBT's show up.

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