Monday, April 06, 2009


"God is allowing me to go back to school." So reads a message from a "friend" posted on Facebook. Other friends have commented back, generally congratulating this person on their utter helplessness in the face of the absolutely mundane thing he has allowed god to do, a thing that millions of people do all on their own with no need to thank an interstellar being.

I'm amazed at this sort of thing, though I should be used to it, as it's the sort of mindset that I grew up with. It's as if we are just mindless automatons that can't think or do for ourselves without the guiding hand of space grandpa providing his willingness to allow.

I'll admit that I haven't made the best decisions in life, and I'm likely to make some bad decisions in the future. I let myself down much more often than I should, but I'm willing to admit this and own my mistakes. I don't need someone of questionable existence to accept all the blame or all the credit for what I do.

I guess I just don't get it. Of course these are the people who see an accidental pregnancy as the payment you must accept, along with the next eighteen years of child rearing, as a just punishment for a sexual indiscretion, so I think we can accept that their reason is often a bit skewed.

But seriously? God allowed you to get into school? And I bet he spoke in the ear of the person reviewing the different applications? Did he secretly rubber stamp the application when the office wasn't looking? Did he make the other applications illegible?

I'm ending up so far from any point I thought I was going to make and have ended up too close to crazy wing nut rant land. I can't think clearly when it comes to this sort of thing. I think I'll turn the rant off for now.


JJ Ross said...

Just stopping in to say I LOVE "interstellar being" --

ImPerceptible said...

This rant comes up for me sometimes as well. I never manage to finish it. I just can't get far enough into that type of thinking to analyze it. I keep working on it even though it really irritates me. Don't know why I torture myself like that but I'll work it out one day.

christine said...

"Guiding hand of space grandpa"
totally made me laugh and snort.

You about got me started on a rant too, but I'll just say my mom drives me crazy with that crap. She gets mad at me because I don't believe in prayer. Once she told me to pray for my plane to not crash, as if the hand of the almighty was going to reach down from the sky and carry it to its destination. It blew me away that she couldn't understand how ridiculous she sounded.