Thursday, April 23, 2009


In the last two weeks, two young boys, boys very near the age of Big Brother (my oldest son for any new readers) have committed suicide. These two children killed themselves because they were tired of being bullied and harassed.

They were tired of other kids being mean to them, and they had dealt with it so much that, at eleven years old, the only solution they could come up with was suicide.

What was the majority of the slander they dealt with? They were being called gay and were referred to as faggots. Were they faggots? Were they gay? Does it fucking matter when you are eleven years old?

How is this okay?

To anyone who thinks that homosexuality is a sin or is wrong, how can you possibly explain away the sort of bias that would drive an eleven year old child to kill himself? I don't care what you think at this point. I don't care what you think about me. I'm gay. I'm a faggot. Condemn me all you want. If your god really loved I think there's a good chance that he would take it a little easier on children who don't even know what sex is but are being damned anyway.

Read your fucking gospels already. Read your blessed are the meek. Read your blessed are the peacemakers, and then show me where the verse is that reads blessed are those that drive children to kill themselves.

Enough already.

P.S. if you don't know about the stories to which I refer at the beginning of this post then try using Google. Seriously, google the words "gay suicide" and see what you come up with. Hell, you don't even have to google it yourself. I made you a handy link. It's as easy as clicking.


Chris said...

Are you connecting God to the punks who picked on these young boys and bullied them to the point that the felt there was no way out?

Are you blaming God for this?

That's what I read in your blog. God loves the bullies, yes, but only because he loves all people. He loves the boys who died, too.

It's obvious that you don't understand God. Then again, most self-proclaimed "Christians" don't understand him, either.

samuel said...

I don't blame god, because I don't believe in gods. It is a fact that the majority of opposition to the basic idea of equality for homosexual people comes from a religiously motivated perspective. Without the idea of god condemning gay people I feel that the majority of this opposition would cease to exist.