Wednesday, April 08, 2009

we have plenty in the freezer

In the distance, slowly approaching, I hear it, the ice cream van.

I hate the ice cream van. It's not just the obnoxious music or the even more annoying "HELLO" that sounds so full of attitude.

More than anything it's probably my cheapness coupled with my lack of funds. I get tired of telling the boys no. I want to buy them ice cream, and I'd love to buy the ice cream based novelties sold out of the annoying van. The boys some days want so much to get ice cream from the van.

But I hate the van. I hate hearing it blocks away and never knowing exactly where it is. I hate people marketing to my children, especially getting up in our faces pretty much in our home. Television commercials are one thing, providing fuel for a steady diet of "I want that." But they are commercials, and I think that, from a fairly young age, most of us grow immune to the near constant deluge and are able to shut out the ads.

Not so with the damned ice cream van. Even inside the house the sound worms its way in, and there it is "HELLO" amidst the horrors of music that could only be worse were it a midi file, though that may actually help, but given the two options it's sort of like the difference between wiping your ass with sand paper or just slapping it clean with the binder of a spiral notebook.


Anonymous said...

If you can make sure you have money for a beer or two...why not make sure you have the money for ice cream?

samuel said...

Thank you, anonymous commenter, but I do have money for ice cream, however I choose to buy it from the grocery store and get a week's worth of ice cream for less than it would cost to pay off some creep in a van that I choose not to support.

Also, I'm well aware that I drink a bit, so your subtle jab is most certainly noted and discarded.

Want some real ammo, anonymous commenter? Saturday night I drank several beers, a few jello shooters and a couple of Irish car bombs.

Anonymous said...

yes, but likewise wouldn't it have been cheaper to get a case at the store rather than spend it in a bar? No jab at your thirst for beer...truly...just not seeing the difference in spending the money in the bar (atmosphere?) vs. from the thrill of the ice cream van (atmosphere).