Thursday, January 27, 2011

liberal locust that I am

Let's get all the perfunctory out of the way, so I can bitch about the dumbass.  A friend on the book of faces posted this Salon story about a mother who defrauded the government out of millions of dollars and punched a clown AND a kitten.  She also tripped kids in glasses and made puppies feel really bad about themselves.

The piece was written by Elon James White who also has his own blog, This Week in Blackness, which I've added to my reader because he's awesome apparently.  FWIW, he's also kinda cute, but the smarts is why I want to read more of him.

Actually, the mother in question apparently told the local school board that her kids lived with their grandfather.  She did this so that her kids could go to a better school, described in the article that spawned the piece as a "rich white school."

If I have regular readers then they likely know that my kids have started attending school after having been homeschooled for all their life up till this year.  The Boy, from Momma's house, is zoned for the school he attends, though for middle school both boys are zoned for the school Big Brother attends.  We could probably have given either address for the kids as their primary domicile as they stay at whichever house makes the most sense based on the day, Momma's and my work schedules, and any number of other possible reasons that may come up based on any number of things that we may or may not foresee.  They're zoned for a different elementary school from the house I'm currently in, but I don't know anything about that school.  They can see their potential high school from Momma's back porch.  I don't really know anything about it other than it's much more racially diverse than the rich white school, and yes, we have at least one of those.  There's a fair variety of schools around this town, and there's really no point in arguing the fact that the whiter the student population is the nicer the school seems to be.

Most of the comments to the story at Salon seem to suggest my own feelings, that this mother did what any number of other people do or would do.  She did break a law, but what she wanted to accomplish by breaking the law was to get the best education for her children.  And the reasoning behind her act should be considered in whatever legal issues arise from this act.

The bigger point, and the bigger problem, has little to do with this one family.  The real problem is that within any one city there can be such a variety of schools so that one could actually know, based on ethnic makeup, which school was likely to be a better school, to have better and newer equipment, to have more options for the students.  It's sickening that this happens, but it does.

And while I considered posting my own rant about this story I hadn't made up my mind till I got to the comment HERE, by someone calling himself something that he isn't.  I'm not a regular reader or commenter at Salon, so I can't know how well this guy is known.  But something I notice in blog comments is how open people are.  If you hide behind the veil of an anonymous and nebulous username then you can get by with being the world's biggest douche and a half.

Let me just give you a snippet of the insanity so that you don't have to actually visit the comment. 
-liberals (the locusts that they are) destroy poor neighborhoods by building welfare offices and abortion clinics
-that boogeyman, “racism” that we are always told is everywhere all the time except that we never ever ever ever fucking see it
-Liberals are disgusting baby killing race exploitive pieces of shit
Seriously, he says all those things.

Let's look at it one at a time. 

How many "welfare offices" does your town/city have?  I know of one here.  Momma and I, once upon a time, received what were essentially food stamps.  And we went to the same place as everyone else, sat in the same shitty waiting room, and were just as happy as most people when we were doing better and no longer qualified for the help.  I could easily qualify now if I'd swallow my pride.  Also, abortion clinics?  Really?  I know where two are, and I know some people who've had abortions.  I don't like that they felt they had to, but that's not especially my place.  I'm glad they could do so safely.  I know of two places that will perform abortions, and both of them are nearer campus than in our city's poorer neighborhoods.

That boogeyman racism is alive and well, or at least more well than many of us would like.  But that doesn't mean we all see it all the time.  That doesn't mean that we all see it when it happens, and it doesn't mean we recognize it when we see it happening.  I can see things I think are racist, but I can't suddenly be black and see life through the lens that growing up black would give me.  I can be gay and see homophobia, but at the same time I'm still a white male that can pretend he's not gay.  Yes, that comes with it's own baggage, but I wouldn't dare compare being black to being gay or being gay to being black.  Black people who are not gay can't see through my lens any more than I theirs. 

Finally, I've never killed a baby, and I don't think I've ever exploited race.  I killed a snake once, and I've killed my share of mosquitoes, and some of the bugs I've squished might have been babies, but I'm not stopping to look.  I want to not understand what he means by "race exploitive" because ignorance is supposedly bliss, but I have to accept that this is proof that racism is alive and well.  I may have mentioned that.  It gets back to that lens thing.  I don't get to decide what is or isn't racist to black people.  I can disagree all I want, but my balls aren't really that big.

My point with this post isn't about this one commenter.   I live in the south, and I think I have a slightly better handle on racism than some white people.  I do think being gay gives me at least a little peak into, but as mentioned above, I don't think there's a way to compare racism and homophobia, and I don't want to say either is worse or less worse.

I hate reading comments like this because it just makes my brain hurt.  It makes my heart hurt.  It makes a bad place in my day.  It's too good to be satire, and it's too likely that this guy believes what he says.  He really, honestly thinks what he is saying is true.  He doesn't see a problem with black schools and white schools, or he just doesn't see that this problem exists.  If he does see it then he just doesn't care that racism is alive and well and that he's perpetuating it.

If you happen on an alligator that wants to eat you, hiding your face in your hands won't make it go away.

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