Saturday, November 17, 2012

broken record-ish

This is Saturday number two that I've had off lately, and I might have another one next week as well. It tends to precede having to work Sunday, though I'm not convinced it's a fair trade. It's of course made worse because brunch, which I hate working.

I love going to brunch. But then who doesn't? And then of course I'm already downtown on a Sunday, what better than to visit the bars I never see during the week? Of course that never happens despite my best intentions. I end up at the pub watching football or where I work hearing from coworkers about their day.

But I get to work tomorrow and rush home to wash dishes and feed the kids leftovers probably. My day off involved bicycle working on yet again, and though most of it was easy and sorta fun, adjusting brakes is my eternal downfall. I can never seem to get them right until after I've messed them up, and by that point getting them right involves riding on them until I can get my friend or the lbs to fix it right.

And so it will be with Big Brother's bike. The brakes are not exactly right but are good enough for now, and I doubt he'll be going too far just yet anyway. However, given my upcoming work schedule and Thanksgiving holiday I'm planning on planning a ride with him, though ride might mean to either of the close lbs for an adjustment.

Holiday excitement of the bike variety is coming, our local Tour de Lights, which I've already asked off for. Big Brother will want to go as will Momma and The Boy. The Boy still won't ride his bike so much as attempt over and over to position it perfectly. I try to help, but he doesn't want help he doesn't ask for and is more likely to quit if advised. Left to himself he will give himself time to try. Alas it's my nature to guide and advise and make too long stories careen off into what- was-I-talking-about-?-oh-yeah. That's never helpful.

Of course if he doesn't make the christmas ride there's always the spring ride, and by then he's sure to have moved from this crappy bike to his first geared bike. Surely. And hell, maybe by then I'll have stopped talking about bikes all the time.

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