Friday, November 18, 2005

amazed by how it works

I'm really in love with homeschooling. I remember the hatred I had for school, the never ending hours in an uncomfortable desk, the incessantly buzzing lights, the mind numbing boredom. What is natural about forcing children to sit, be quiet and "learn?"
My boys are all about Thomas the Tank Engine right now, and I've always harbored a bit of love for a train. I still miss never getting to hop a freighter and ride as far as I could, ending up in some new and unknown place. I'm too old to expect that sort of opportunity, not old so much in a sense of age but knowing that I won't be able to toss off the responsibilities I now have.
Because of the train theme in our house, I picked up a few books about trains from the library. My son now knows the basics of the steam locomotive. Did I teach him this or make him learn it? Certainly not. That would have ruined the joy for him. I got books I knew he'd enjoy, on a subject that he is currently interested in. And the best part? I now know how a steam engine works. I certainly couldn't build a train, but I learned something interesting.
There in a nutshell is how kids learn and why I am in love with homeschooling.

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