Thursday, November 17, 2005

setting sail with sam

So, here it is, my break-in to the world of blogging.
I'm currently not going to the grocery store, which I really need to do. I'm also not doing any number of household chores, knowing full well that no desire on my part will ever coax the dishes to just wash themselves.
We are an unschooling family. I stay home and type away on the computer while my wife makes sushi. We have always intended to homeschool, always meaning from the birth of our first son. I've recently read a couple of books by John Holt. Reading those really cemented my desire to unschool.
I really don't have much to say here, just an intorductory blog that I'm not going to do much introducing in.
Besides, the boys are about to land their little butts in some hot water as soon as I go find out what the loud thunks and thuds are. Whatever is happening, they are in their bedroom. It doesn't quite sound like jumping on the bed, but that's usually the goal in playing in their room. Eventually, they will end up on the bed.
So that's all I'm giving up for today. Eventually, as I continue to post, and as people begin to read, you will all fall in love with my veriose fingers tapping out their little messages. One day, I will be king of the world . . .

. . .of blogging about crap!

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Anonymous said...

a good beginning, Samuel.Be kind to the Kiddies.