Wednesday, November 23, 2005

something to read

Big brother is currently reading the instructions to our new instant read thermometer. With Thanksgiving coming, and the wife having decided that we'd cook the turkey this year, we realized our old, inacurate thermometers weren't going to work.
We have yet to use the new one, but it seems ever so neat. It's kind of like our old one, long pointed probe but with a digital readout on top in a large thumb sized, diamond shaped head. The old one of course was the classic disc, making the thermometer look like a large nail.
So back to the point. Big brother, at seven, reads really really well. He also varies his reading at a whim, enjoying Harry Potter as well as Thomas the Tank Engine. I've seen him peruse Richard Scarey shortly after reading about Pearl Harbor.
I had just taken the new thermometer from the plastic packaging and laid in on the counter when Big brother picked it up and checked it out. In answer to his very firt question I handed him the instructions. He ran straight from the kitchen to the living room where he sat and read the use instructions for our new thermometer.
He's such a cool guy.
In the end, I'm proud of him, but I'm not surprised by it anymore. He is an unschooler after all!

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