Tuesday, January 10, 2006

about what I said . . .

Yeah, I reread what I wrote about Jamie Oliver and his cookbook, and had some thoughts. First, considering the term "faggoty haired," I don't want people to think that I don't like gay people. I think that gay people are basically just like straight people. I could be wrong, but essentially, booty is booty, chocolate/vanilla and different strokes. So why say "faggoty?" Because there just isn't a better way to describe that hair.
Second, I have to say that Momma actually likes Jamie Oliver. I assure her that it's okay. She's also flipped through his cookbook, which brings us to number three.
I still haven't checked out the recipes. I imagine it's a bunch of upscale restaurant crap that I won't actually cook at home. That being said, it is a cookbook, and I will end up checking it out. I will readily admit to anything I end up cooking and will be fair.
To be fair, the guy needs a comb. Seriously! But I can't fault him having a cool job.

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