Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Apparently, everything Bush has done, including treating the American public like idiots and stomping on civil rights is working. The arguement? We haven't been attacked since 9/11, so the warmongers must be doing something right.
Well, I'm sure that makes sense, in Bizarro World. But here in America, we used to demand just a bit more. We used to be a country that was based on freedom, on the rights of each man, woman and child.
I've been sneaking out at night to peak in our neighbors' houses. I don't tell them about it, but I carry a small step ladder with me, just in case, and I peak in their windows. I'm sure they are all out to get me because someone, several months back, tossed a chunk of concrete garden border into our yard, breaking part of a small street lamp type light fixture.
After I peak in their windows, I snoop through their trash. If I can, I rifle through their mail before they take it from the mail box.
It must me working, because I haven't had anything thrown at my house or into my yard.

They that can give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Benjamin Franklin

This is my new favorite quote. My wife first introduced me to this quote which has been a favorite of hers for a while.
We are not a nation of babies that need our screams and needs coddled. We are a nation of free men and women. We are a nation founded on principals of equality and freedom and the desire to find our own happiness.
Children need protection, though sometimes they don't understand. Men and women must stand up, protect themselves and take the rights they deserve.
The Bush family and their cronies did not invent freedom nor did they give it to us. They can take it away, but only because we are letting them. We really have to blame ourselves when we let the current administration steal from us our liberty in the name of safety, and we can only blame ourselves when what they called safety turns out to be something much more sinister than just the greed for money and power that they display through their lies.
We didn't cause 9/11 and it isn't America's fault that some Muslim assholes misread their scriptures. We can blame Muslim countries for idling about while the terrorists besmirch their name, but we can't blame Islam for the failings and evil of some of that religion's adherents. Bush has not saved us from another 9/11, nor is he making us safer.
And as a post script, let me add that I don't really spy on my neighbors. I am a little nosy and peak out the window as they drive by, but I don't really snoop about and spy on them. Our self-important president does just that though. He snoops around, peaking at our stuff, sniffs our butts and taps our phones. He has lied, does lie and will lie.
Clinton lied about sex and got impeached. Bush lies about everything and has gotten several thousand Americans and Iraqis killed. How many innocent lives equal the cost of the pretend safety he offers?

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