Saturday, March 11, 2006

awesome soccer weather

We seriously could not have asked for better weather for our first game. The clouds when I first went outside today hinted at a chance for rain, but they quickly admitted the lie and left us with sunshine. It's still warm and just absolutely beautiful out there.

The game was great. Both teams played really well, and I honestly don't think I could have asked for more from my Cobras. They all played hard, they passed (some) and my defense blocked several shots. We scored several goals, though I believe the other team won by one goal.

My mantra while coaching is as simple as asking for the very best. I don't insist on the kids being the best, but I want them to do the best, to play their hardest. If I get that from them, then I consider us all to have won. I really think that I got that from them. I also know where we will work next practice, more passing for one.

That's all for now. The weather is really too nice to be doing this on the computer. I wish you all the same beautiful day that I've had.

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