Wednesday, March 08, 2006

hey Margaret, it's me god! PISS OFF!

While perusing an atheist board that I frequent, I was (the opposite of delighted) to read Raymond Kraft's "Death of Liberalism." Someone there had recieved it from a "friend" or should we say a sheeple acquaintence. It really is a steaming pile of what comes out when a turd poops, and I honestly hate to link to it. So I won't. However, the rebuttal, which has the link I'm not bothering with, is linked HERE and is well worth reading.

I have always considered the average fundamentalist to be a fairly benign creature alone, possibly harmful if cornered, marginally offensive and dangerous when in groups and volatile and dangerous as a voting bloc.

Reading the rebuttal, the main point is that neither Islam, nor Islamist, nor Jihaddis are our true enemy. The true enemy is all religious fundamentalist. If you want an especially scarey glimpse into hatred, there is a frightening map of US hate groups over at

South Carolina wins the bigot prize apparently, though sadly my own southern state comes too close. I tend, being pretty average white male, to think that racism and bigotry are not issues that we really face as a country. I mean, it's 2006 for fuck sake! Where are all these racists that we are sure are still out there? Of course, being the aforementioned average white male that I am, why should I expect that I'm going to know it when I do see it? I can try to see it and recognize it when I do. I can raise my kids to be openminded. But no matter how well I think I'm doing, I can still only understand it so much. On the one hand, it's hard to grasp what it means to not be a white guy. On the other hand, I strive to be open minded and maybe end up a little optimistic due to what I just never had to personally deal with. The maps kind of messing with me to be honest.

And thanks to Contemplator who brought it up in her blog. Considering South Carolina's win in the hate group population density, I'm not surprised that they are the target for a fundamentalist drive to populate South Carolina for god and to make it a christian theocracy. Great idea you bunch of raving mad fucktard religiofreaks! Go here to and invent a god to beg these people don't make it. Damn I wish this was all a joke.


Jo said...

Okay, that link was definately scary. I wasn't surprised either by SC though and having lived in Georgia for almost three years, that one was definately not a surprise.

Where I live now though has listed as zero. I have a hard time believing that but maybe everyone is so busy hating the government and fighting over the border that they don't have time for being stupid people in large groups. LOL.

Loved the title of this post and always enjoy reading your blog.

Andrea in TN said...

Scary shit! I know it's a necessary evil to be informed of this crap, but fuck, I wish I hadn't clicked a few of the links (namely the It's in my home town!!!!!!

BridgetJ said...

My curiosity got the better of me and I had to check out the links. Thanks for looking these up.

I certainly agree that the enemy is all religious fundamentalists. But aren't they the cause of every war ever fought?

The map of the hate groups is just unfucking acceptable. This is the 21st century for christ sake. What is at the root of this hate?


Fucking hypocrites.

M__ said...

Great links Sam! The hate groups was especially interesting. Also, the SC move is just FUCKING NUTS!! They will have fun with the BJU assholes there.

contemplator said...


Honestly, sometimes I don't believe I live where I do.

It sounds contradictory, but if I wasn't so independent minded, the first thing I'd push for was to ban all fundimentalism. Bridget's right. Other than economic reasons, all wars have been started by fundies.